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Fox Catcher Surrey Hills

Fox Problem

Foxes are a great problem for mankind. They are the source of various diseases, infections and the primary cause for property damage. In Melbourne, the invasion of foxes in human habitat has seen a great increase in the recent past. This is due to the expanding urbanization and lack of natural habitats for the foxes. However, the invasive nature of the foxes is also a key reason why humans are encountering foxes in their properties and surroundings.

If you are wondering why is it important to hire Fox Catcher Surrey Hills at the first place, let us walk you through some of the key problems caused by pests:



Weil’s Disease is one of the diseases that is spread by foxes. When humans come in contact with the urine of an infected fox or the water contaminated by the fox, there are chances for them to contract the disease.


It is an infection carried by foxes and passed onto pets. The pets then pass it on to the property owners. It can be treated completely but can range to a severe extent including infection in the eye as well as symptomatic infection.

Sarcoptic Mange

While the Sarcoptic mite is different for foxes and humans, foxes ill with Sarcoptes scabiei can pass on the disease to your pets. Pet dogs are the primary prey of this mange and need medical attention. The fox Sarcoptes scabiei can, however, cause an allergic reaction in human as well.

Damage to the property

Besides medical damages, foxes can also cause property damage to a great extent. Foxes are a great nuisance for gardens, cultivation fields as well as infrastructure. from digging the flower beds to invading the property basement and damage food supplies, foxes cause great damage to the property.

How to catch a fox?

Knowing how to catch a fox is one of the best ways to deal with fox invasion. While you must always hire fox catcher Surrey Hills to effectively handle foxes, having the basic insight of the process is imperative. here is how you can easily catch a fox:

Incest in a fox cage

To catch a fox, you need to invest in a fox cage. Make sure that the cage you buy is of the right sizes to catch small and large both sizes of foxes.

Installing the cage

As important as it is to invest in the right cage, it is equally important to install it at the right place. You must find out the right spot where more foxes are found.

Baiting the fox

You must add some bait to the cage to ensure that the fox is attracted enough to enter inside.

Checking the cage

Check the cage time to time to ensure no fox is caught and left ignored in the cage. Our experienced fox catcher Surrey Hills can help you catch a fox and get rid of the unwanted canines completely.

Why choose Melbourne Wildlife and Pest Control for Fox Catcher Surrey Hills?

Dealing with foxes is no joke, one needs to be highly efficient and hold a great understanding of foxes and their nature. At Melbourne Wild Life Pest Control, we are expert fox catcher Surrey Hills who have helped several property owners in getting rid of foxes.

We have deeply researched on foxes and understood their nature to the core. Our experts have found great ways to catch foxes and ensure that they do not reoccur in your properties. Foxes aren’t just limited to the property but also affect the surrounding areas. Besides causing damage to the property foxes can cause livestock damage and human diseases. By hiring our professional fox catchers Surrey Hills, you get an assurance that you can prevent all these damages to the best extent.

Our affordable fox catcher services are easy to afford. We offer tailor-made services to ensure you do not have to deal with fox problems alone.The caught animal will be humanly managed as per state or region laws. They are declared pest under the water catchment act and can’t be discharged.

Connect with us today and let our experts take care of the foxes that are causing damage to your property. We ensure that we will give you a permanent solution for the fox problem at an affordable price!

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