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Fox Control Glenroy

Why Control Foxes?

Foxes are the second most darning pests after rats that infest human habitats. Not only they are scary to face but they also cause damage to the property and your pets. Dealing with them is not easy either, as the pests are very fast and clever to escape. At Melbourne Wild Life Pest Control, our experts have thoroughly researched ways to deal with foxes and offer effective fox control Glenroy.

Foxes are very commonly affected with a disease names Sarcoptic Mange. The disease is however not limited to foxes and when exposed to it, even your pets (cats and dogs) as well as you can catch the contamination. A parasitic mite found in the fox body spread the disease and the disease itself is highly contagious.

Besides mange, foxes also are carriers of lungworm, a disease that pets can catch easily. Lungworm may prove fatal when breeding in pets. Foxes are also a source of a number of parasites including scabies, fleas, and canine heartworm.

Another lethal disease that foxes spread and pets easily catch when contacted with foxes is toxocariasis.

Considering a large number of infections, parasites, and diseases that foxes carry, it is of high importance to ensure that foxes are kept as far away as possible from your habitat. This is a key measure to ensure the health and well-being of you and your pets.

While eliminating foxes is very important, there are strict rules and guidelines to follow to legally deal with foxes. This is why it is important to engage professional fox removalists to handle fox infestation.

Foxes are the main reason for livestock loss and with urbanization spreading its wings, these canines are entering human habitats more than usual. By professional intervention, their entry can be limited and any existing infestation can be sorted out efficiently.


Fox Control Techniques and Methods

For effective fox removal in Glenroy, it is very important to choose the right method and technique to deal with the animal. At Melbourne Wildlife Pest Control, we use a number of techniques and methods to eliminate foxes from your properties. The method is chosen based on its efficacy and the extent of fox infestation. Fox control techniques and methods we use include:

Humane Culling of Foxes

Humane culling of foxes must be done by professionals only as it is a dangerous task. Before the culling occurs, our experts survey the ground and nearby areas to ensure that the surroundings are safe to execute human culling of foxes. Foxes usually make their dens in golf courses, schools, building sites, garden centres, parks and extensive gardens and human culling is the best way to control it.

Trapping Foxes

When the targeted shoot does not guarantee results, it is advised to use the fox trapping method. The professionals set traps in a way that you catch the foxes sure shot.

Humane Culling of Foxes

Our professionals visit your sites and inspect the area and the surroundings. After the inspection, we offer you a proofing solution and estimate. As you give us a go-ahead, we effective proof the area including the surrounding house and properties that foxes consider as their territory.

Why choose Melbourne Wildlife Pest Control for Fox Control Glenroy?

Melbourne Wildlife Pest Control is considered as the best fox control Glenroy services provider. We offer fox prevention and removal consultation to the property owner. The reason why you must trust us for making yourproperties fox free is that we are highly experienced and skilled professionals. We can easily deal with the canine present in your property.

As an experienced fox control Glenroy team we understand that fox denning can be harmful to humans in various ways. We dedicatedly ensure that you do not share your living spaces with foxes and maintain your property fox free. We have experts in our team who have dealt with fox infestation for years and know how to treat the outbreak efficiently. With us, you can rest assured that you and your pets are safe from the foxes.

If you are dealing with foxes around your living spaces, feel free to connect with us and let our experts take care of the canines in the best possible way. We guarantee 100% fox removal and control at the best price.

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