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Possum Removal Glenroy

Possum Removal Process

Possums are a great nuisance to handle. They are the worst kind of infestation to have considering the extent of damage they can cause to your home as well as the harmful effects of their urine and faeces on human health. To top it all, possums multiply so fast that you ignore one of them and soon you will have a fullnest of these pesky creatures.

Our professional Possum Removal Glenroy services are dedicated to removing the darned animal from your property completely and provide you with a safe environment to live. Possum removal is important as well as a very sensitive issue as killing possum is illegal. Our possum removal process is thus designed to ensure that you get rid of the wild creature without breaking any law.


Our possum removal process

Types of Possum / Facts of Possum

Two types of possums usually infest your homes and knowing the types is important to efficiently exterminate them. Here are the types of possums commonly found in Glenroy:

Common Brushtail Possum

A native of Australia, this possum is identified with its furry tail. It is a nocturnal animal which primarily feeds on leaves. It loves eucalyptus leaves but does not restrict its diet to it but is very explorative. This type of possums are easily seen in silver-grey, brown, black and gold colour variations and climb & swing from one tree to another. Their tail gives them great support in climbing one tree to another.

Common Ringtail Possum

The key identification feature of these type of possum is grey colour and a cream-coloured stomach. They also have white patches under their eyes. One of the key distinctive features of these possums is their white tail which makes more than half of their whole tail’s area. They have very sharp molars with pointed cusps and can chew on anything that they find. Like their brushtail counterparts, these possums too use their tail as an aid in climbing and swinging one tree to another. Both types of Possums are harmful to the property as well as your health as the damage done by them can have a serious extent.

Why choose Melbourne Wildlife Pest Control for Possum Removal Glenroy?

It is very important to be very careful and cautious while handling possum removal Glenroy. This is because possums are not only notorious but it is also illegal to kill possums in Australia. This is the key reason you must trust specialist at Melbourne Wildlife Pest Control for possum removal. Not only we are experienced in handling possum infestation, but we also remove them from the property in an ethical way. We have a dedicated research and development team that continuously work on the changing behaviour of possums to identify their need for infesting in your homes, which helps us skilfully exterminate them.

Our skilled team handles possum infestation in the most humanitarian and eco-friendly manner, ensuring that no undue harm is done to the possum as well as the property. While installing specialised doors we make sure that minimum canes are made to the infrastructure and the same is restored to its original condition as soon as possible.

Hire us to get affordable, effective and safe possum removal Glenroy services and ensure no further harm from the notorious possums to your properties and health.

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