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Residential Pest Control

Termites can eat through wood, clothing, paper and can severely affect and damage your home and even the sale of your property.

We know how a flea, mice or ant infestation can make your home unlivable.

Cockroaches are also well known for spreading disease. Cockroaches breed rapidly and their resilience means that a professional pest control solution is usually the most effective and reliable form of control.

Possums can potentially cause damage to your property and gardens and when it comes to removing possums, we don’t recommend you attempt it yourself!

A possum in your roof is bad enough, but If you have a possum that has died, then apart from the smell, left its rotting carcas will attract other pests which will spread disease! Dead or alive Melbourne Pest and Wildlife control can help you. However, please note that possums are protected in Victoria by the Victorian Government and therefore cannot be relocated. They may be taken from their nests, which could be in your roof, but they must be released 50 metres from where they were trapped. Melbourne Wildlife and Pest Control can also advise and assist you in taking some preventative measures to help stop possums find a home and nesting in your roof spaces and other building cavities.

We have the experience and skills to effectively solve all these and more pest and wildlife problems for you.

Commercial Pest Control

Do you have pests or rodents running riot in your business or factory? Pests in and around offices can cause you, your staff and customers a great deal of distress. They can also damage your building, fixtures, fittings and stock. Computer equipment and cabling being can often be at risk from ‘hidden’ rodents. A mouse plague can quickly shut down any food business. Bees and wasps have also become an increasingly annoying problem for business, especially for cafes, restaurants and bars right across Melbourne in recent years.

At Melbourne Wildlife and Pest Control, we act quickly and professionally to swiftly evict any unwanted pests from your business with our range of pest control solutions and pest management services.

We also provide ongoing pest control solutions and pest management services to real estate agents, schools and healthcare facilities.

Rural Properties and Farms Wildlife and Pest Control

In Melbourne and rural parts of Victoria, we are lucky to have an environment, rich in wildlife. However, at times some elements of our wildlife can come into conflict with people and property, crops and plants as well as domestic animals and livestock.

Foxes, feral cats, rabbits and possums, can potentially cause damage to your property and livestock. as domestic animals and livestock.

Birds, particularly pigeons can cause ongoing mess, damage and disease. In many cases the birds live in in flocks of anywhere between 40 and 400 or more, so a small problem has the potential to turn into a large problem or infestation over small periods of time. At Melbourne Wildlife and Pest Control, we not only provide professional deterrent methods including bird netting, bird spikes, electric bird deterrents and optical bird scarers, we can also provide effective and discreet solutions to your eradicate bird problems.
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